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Companies from different countries count on the advice of Solysol – Arc-Tech Center, to become Certified Welding Fabricator (CWI) or Welded Product Manufacturer by the American Welding Society (AWS).

In the picture, the CEO of STAKO DILER, Gennadi Dulnev, Estonia’s leading manufacturer of unique structures for power plants, and its employees involved in fabrication and welding operations, pose with Ángela Lázarowho advises and supports them with their North American clients in complying with American regulations and for their CWF certification.

Welded Product Manufacturer

Certified Welding Fabricator – CWF

Your company’s CWF certification assures your customers that your welded product manufacturing complies with all the requirements of international standards.

This certification is essential for the quality of your products to be recognized as first class in the United States and in practically over every country in the world.

At Arc-Tech we advise and train you so that the personnel involved in your welding activities are fully aware of the requirements and how to comply with them.


Once your quality system is compliant, an AWS-appointed auditor will ensure that your fabrications meet product design requirements, are welded using qualified welding procedures, by qualified personnel for each essential welding responsibility, engineers, inspectors, welding coordinators, fitters and welders.

Good welding practices and the implementation of an adequate system and procedures not only guarantees the quality of the welded product, but also represents a significant cost saving and is essential for your company to remain at the forefront of competitiveness.

CWF certification is recognized internationally by agencies and customers and can remove barriers to entry in markets with high technical requirements.

This certification can be staggered, depending on the company’s interests. The essential thing is to check that your quality system and welding personnel contemplate welding tasks as required by the different international codes: ISO-EN-UNE, ASME, API, AWS, AISC, etc. If your fabrication is carried out in compliance with the updated requirements of these standards, you will be able to offer full warranty of your welded joints. At this point your company is ready to apply for official AWS Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF) certification as soon as you wish or your customers require it.

Your certified company will appear in the list of international companies with maximum guarantee of welded product:

You can count on our advice to become certified in welding following the standards you must comply with: EN 3834, EN 1090, AWS, ASME, API, AISC,…

During our assistance, your staff will receive the necessary training to enable your company to work independently and safely.

What Certification means for the Company

The certification of a company is a guarantee for its customers and society that it demonstrates continuously and with constant improvement, that it has the resources, procedures and personnel that meet the standardized requirements of the applicable standards in its activities.

CWF certification by the AWS of a Welded Product Manufacturer is the ultimate guarantee of respect and application of standards in every welded joint, from product design to assembly, fabrication and erection, inspection and testing.

Gain a powerful competitive advantage

Certification gives a company a very important competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your potential customers can count on your products with confidence because the world’s oldest and most influential welding organization, the American Welding Society, issues its certification only after ensuring that your company meets each and every requirement.

If your company already has an ISO-EN (1090, 8485), ASME or AISC manufacturing certification, it is possible to obtain CWF certification by validating your active certifications.

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Welding Society (AWS) have established a validation (reciprocity) agreement so that both certifications are complementary.

Requirements for a CWF

The requirements for a Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF) by the AWS are contained in the standards:

These standards define the requirements that a company must meet in all activities and functions related to welding, and ensures, through third-party certification (AWS), that the fabricator has the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, capability and commitment to perform quality welds in accordance with the standards and requirements applicable to each project.

Before the audit, it is highly recommended that the company has the advice of Arc-Tech’s team of professionals, who will ensure that all points of the standard are known by those responsible for each of the areas, and perfectly applied. This task is accomplished by providing the necessary training and certification to each of the employees involved: management, engineers, coordinators, production managers, inspectors and welders.

Request for Pre-Audit and Advice

Several companies, engineering companies and manufacturers, in Spain and other countries, count on the knowledge and experience of Solysol and its brand Arc-Tech to advise them, train them and prepare them to overcome the most demanding welding requirements.

Stako Diler in Estonia relies on Arc-Tech’s team to become AWS CWF certified and thus guarantee the quality of its impressive welded constructions to its North American and international customers.

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