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A pipe welder is one of the most appreciated professionals in industry.

Invest in training to become a pipe welder. A good pipe welder is very demanded for projects around the planet. Working conditions are excellent for the best ones.

Soldadura TIG tubo
Soldadores cualificados por Solysol


  • September 26th to 30th: Traditional processes



  • or advanced processes:

SEMIAUTOMATIC PROCESSES, with option for Mechanized Processes


Good welders will have work, guaranteed!

If you pass the qualification test, you can inmeiately access to a job opportunity.

After a job interview to evaluate your capabilities and aptitude, you can choose to be part of our job bank, to either execute our special projects or attend our customers’ needs.

In order to be part of our job bank, you do not need to participate in a training course. If you feel capable, you can go straight to take your qualification examination.


Each course is intensive from Monday to Friday, starting at 9:30 to 18:00 h.

When you send your request to participate in the courses, you will be assigned to the program you choose only when payment has been done. Your participation will be confirmed once your registration is complete with all required data. The program will be confirmed on July 6th, once the minimum required welders has been achieved. If minimum required welders is not achieved, you can choose to participate in a following event or your money back.

For Registration, please fill the data requested in this following link

Application Form

  • Name and Last Name of participant
  • Please include a copy of you ID or passport
  • Please indicate you accept our Privacy Policy. You can read our privacy policy in this link:
  • In the field PARTICULAR COMMENT, please
    • Indicate the course you choose: the Complete course, the Initial course welding with cellulosic and low hydrogen electrode, or the Semiautomatic processes week course.
    • Also include a brief description of your ability as a welder. This will guide us to prepare a better training to improve your skills and so you take the most profit during the time with us.
  • Please also indicate the information required for invoicing of the course you choose, either your personal information or the one of your company.

In case of any questions, please contact us:

We will send you a proforma invoice indicating the acceptable payment ways so you can finish your application to participate in the course you choose.

In case of cancellation less than 7 days previous to the starting of the course, we hold the right to keep at least 20% of the money you paid.



    • OPCIONAL ADITIONAL: Mechanized welding – orbital carriage: 300 €
  • Optional adittional QUALIFICATION, in the most complex process and position the welder has achieved at the end of the training curse, with stick electrode or semiatomatic process: 250€
  • Optional AWS (American Welding Society) Welder Certification (only for welders that pass the qualification test): 250€


This training can be granted as proffesional education, depending on local laws. In Spain thru FUNDAE. For Spain we can help with burocracy, is needed. Call us for more info if you wish.

Special prices for independent proffesionals.

EPIS: During the curse, all material required is supplied by the welding school, except for the personal protection equipment of each one of the participants.

All participants must were required protection equipment, as boots, anti-flame clothes, preferably leather, googles, gloves and welder mask.

Protection material can be purchased in the welding school, with a great selection of models at competitive prices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting us:


We will send you a proforma invoice so you can proceed with payment and confirm your participation in the course.

Taxes are not included in the prices.

In case you can not participate in the course, we will return out of the money you paid:

  • 80% if you cancel your participation with more than 7 days before the date the course starts.
  • 60% if you cancel your participation with more than 4 days before the date the course starts.
  • 20% if you cancel your participation the day before the date the course starts.
  • No money will be returned if you do not participate in the course once this has been started.

Application Form

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