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This technology, which provides recognizable benefits in some welding applications, is already available at affordable investment costs that are close to those of other arc welding technologies.

Soldador manual de plasma
Antorcha PAW

Typical applications, with advantages over other electric arc processes

  • Stainless steel welding:

– The distortion of the welded components is much lower than with TIG welding.

– High quality welding and end result

– Welding is much easier, as the tungsten electrode is encapsulated in the nozzle so that it is not contaminated.

– It is not necessary to have such a stable pulse as when welding with TIG, as the arc remains focused and stable on the joint to be welded even if the torch gap increases or decreases by several centimeters.

  • Welding of thin steel and aluminum (aluminum needs an alternating current source).
  • It can be used without rod input (autogenous welding) or with input metal, similar to what would be chosen in a similar application with the TIG process.

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