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The on-line product sales is rapidly changing the market.

But when a company or a professional needs a product or service THAT MATTERS, technical advise is essential for choosing the best solution available and, subsequently, for applying it optimally and satisfactorily.


The manufacturers of machinery, products and industrial services and their distribution companies may consider competing in on-line sales, and/or may form their commercial team with people who can give advise to their clients by offering the best solutions.

Sales professionals must be well trained and continue to expand their knowledge to deeply know their products and services in order to give the best solutions to their customers.

Now you can obtain an Official Certification that supports the preparation in the Technical Advise of Industrial Products:


The American Welding Society (AWS) is the most prestigious welding entity in the world. Since its founding in 1.919, the best professionals have participated in the creation, dissemination and delivery of the most comprehensive training programs in welding and joining technology. Based on the texts, codes and information books that capture the best experience of all these professionals who have been deposited in the coffers of the prestigious American Welding Society.


The various accreditations provided by AWS to welding experts at different levels and specialties are recognized worldwide as a guarantee of knowledge and experience by the person who owns it. A Certified Welding Sales Representative (CWSR), which would be equivalent in Spanish to an official degree as a Commercial Technical Welding Advisor, is a worldwide recognized professional in the welding field.

The training program of a CWSR is eminently practical, in the means that the time is dedicated to profoundly study the characteristics of each product, its applications, its advantages and its limitations compared to other similar applications, and additionally to the communication of the acquired knowledge to the customers, training the selection of customers to offer them the products.

The acquired knowledge and demonstrated to receive the certification will be valid in the technical and commercial field not only for welding but in general for the entire industrial field.



Technical Advisors in Industrial Products


Technical Advisors in Industrial Supplies




Solysol Technical Advisors

Current Demand in the Industry

Candidates who are certified find jobs by the following means:

  • Job offers through our job board

    The 3 best rated candidates in the training and certification program will have a 6 month internship contract.

A career with future in the industry

Certification as Technical-Commercial Welding Advisor

A Commercial Welding Technical Advisor is a professional with technical knowledge who can advise clients in choosing the optimal products for their application and is additionally prepared to instruct their users.

Manufacturers of welding products and all kinds of industrial products, such as manufacturers that use welding as a production process in their industries, demand that their commercial contact is a professionally trained person with good knowledge of the products.

Their function is very important in the industry. A Commercial Technical Advisor informs the clients about the new technologies that can improve their productivity, reliability and quality. A good professional is highly valued by the company he works for and by the clients, as he offers technical support and guidance on the proper application of the system he offers. His technical knowledge has a welding base but can be applied to many other industrial products.

Additionally, the techniques of database construction, negotiation and the search for solutions provide the capability to achieve great prestige in your work.

This profession is so crucial in the world of welding, and, therefore, in the industrial field, that the American Welding Society (AWS) grants a certification with worldwide recognition: the certification as Welding Sales Representative, which in Spanish is equivalent to Commercial Technical Welding Advisor.

Asesor Técnico-Comercial Certificado

To take part in the seminar it is not necessary to prove previous experience.

In order to take the exam and access the official certification by de AWS, as well as to qualify for the bonus of the contracting company, it is necessary to meet these requirements, which can be acquired later on:

Requirements to access the certification exam

Bachiller o FP-II, y además: Experiencia mínima de 5 años en un trabajo ocupacional relacionado con ventas de productos industriales, o bien de uso como operario de dichos productos (soldador) o su mantenimiento y reparación.
Si la experiencia es inferior a 5 años, pero superior a 2 años: Se puede realizar el examen únicamente tras la participación en el seminario de preparación al mismo.
Carnet de conducir B1 y: Disponibilidad de horario y viajar para adaptarse a las necesidades de los clientes


The seminar lasts 4 weeks after which the person who meets the requirements described above will be ready to take the AWS official exam.

The program is divided as followed:


1.1 Welding Safety

1.2 Theoretical and practical knowledge of welding processes:

– Welding with Electrode, MIG/MAG and FCAW

1.3 Essential Variables of each Welding Process

1.4 Different equipment and consumables for the welding processes and applicability for each need.

1.5 Configuration of offers with the different solutions with these processes depending on the needs of the different clients.


2.1 Theoretical and practical knowledge of other welding and cutting processes:

– TIG Welding

– Welding and Plasma cutting

– Welding and oxyacetylene cutting

– Submerged Arc Welding

2.2 Essential Variables of each Welding Process

2.3 Different equipment and consumables for the welding processes

2.4 Configuration of offers with the different solutions with these processes depending on the needs of the different clients


3.1 Configuration of the equipment: assembly, start up and connections

3.2 Selection of consumables for different applications

3.3 Automated welding solutions

3.4 Accessories and other equipment for welding and production

3.5 Preparation of the Client Visit:

– Data Base Preparation

– Route Optimization

– Preparation of the technical-commercial visit

– Offer Presentation to a client

– Offer optimization to adapt to customer needs

– Presentation of the Value of the offered solution


4.1 Visits to real customers to put the acquired knowledge into practice in the presence of a Coacher with experience and recognition in this field.

4.2 Study of the customer improvement needs and opportunities

4.3 Preparation of proposals for solutions to the issues and needs of the different clients

4.4 Presentation of the proposals to the clients and adaptation of the proposed solutions according to the participation of the customer

4.5 Negotiation and Agreements

4.6 Evaluation of the Candidate for examination

AWS Official Exam – Certified Welding Sales Representative

The exam is conducted on-line in direct communication with the American Welding Society who issues the Certificate as Welding Sales Representative.

The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and the score required to obtain the certification is 72%.

The exam last 2 hours and there are questions about:

  • Arc welding processes
  • Hard and soft welding
  • Cutting
  • Welding security and gas handling in pressure cylinders
  • AWS Classification of metals or welding consumables
  • Applications of protection gases
  • Welding terminology
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical requirements for the welding equipment
  • Welding procedures and approvals

Dates of first call 2.019

Sending Applications:

  • Until February 7, 2.019

Beginning of the Seminar:

  • February 11th to March 8th of 2.019

Date of the exam:

  • During week 17 of 2.019 (exact date depends on the number of candidates).

Documentation to be sent

Send request to email

With the following information (all in the same email. making sure that all the necessary documents are complete and sent):

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of work experience, indicating the company, person in charge, contract and start and end dates of each job in each company
  • 50×50 mm passport-type photograph – download using the following link or similar:
  • ID or passport photocopy
  • Academic degree photocopy
  • Photocopy of additional certificates or degrees

Prices and Conditions of Registration

Price of the Seminar:

2.000 €

Price of the Official AWS Exam

475 €


Conditions for the 3 best candidates

  • 50% of the cost of the seminar will be covered by the contracting company
  • Internship contract for a minimum of 6 months, extendable to an indefinite contract depending on the skills shown during the internship.


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