Escuela y Educador de Soldadura
Hidrógeno verde en soldadura y corte


A CLEAN and SAFE fuel generated from WATER and electricity
A new generation of FLAME equipment for WELDING and CUTTING



Energia limpia en soldadura
Agua fuente de energía de soldadura y corte

“Yes, I believe that one day water will be used as a fuel in which the hydrogen and oxygen that form it,

separately or simultaneously, will provide an inexhaustible source of heat and light

of an intensity unknown to oil”.

Jules Verne – The Mysterious Island – Part 2, Chapter 11 – 1874

Physical principle:

The reaction of water dissociation in

hydrogen (fuel) and oxygen (oxidizer)

Clean, safe and efficient energy:

No production of carbon monoxide or dioxide

Available resource

No risk of transport, handling or use

Faster welding and cutting due to high thermal conductivity

Llama verde, segura y limpia
Emision CO2 llama oxifuel vs hidrogeno
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