Escuela y Educador de Soldadura




Welding Procedures Development Capacity.

Application of new technologies and processes to improve productivity, costs and quality.

Training of personnel for the implementation and use of the developed processes.

A complete range of products to supply our customers with the most guaranteed equipment and consumables.



Welding Technology Center

Training and Certification

Research, development and implementation of welding procedures

Professional Training and Certification:

Engineers, Inspectors, Welders, Educators, Technical-Commercial Advisors.

Official Certificate Technical-Commercial Welding Advisor

Development and Qualification of Welding Procedures:

Process research capability with the most advanced technology in process welding for implementation in manufacturing in companies that want to improve their productivity, quality and competitiveness.


Technical advice on welding:

Qualified technicians with recognized experience and authority prepared to provide practical solution to problems, defectology and to improve the production processes that are being used.

Weld Crack

Products and Systems to cover all welding needs

Equipment, consumables and systems

Manual, semi-automatic and automated welding

Welding Supplies & Equipment:

Everything you need to weld with traditional and advanced processes.

Training of welders and coordinators and products chosen by expert professionals from the main manufacturers to offer full guarantee at optimal prices.


Preparation of materials for welding and quality control:

Cutting, chamfering, fast-mounting and effective fasteners, purging and solutions for quality control of welded components.


Safety and comfort:

Solutions for smoke extraction, safety and individual comfort for welders and operators and complete installations for work areas.

Clothing and accessories for welders, assemblers, inspectors, coordinators and personnel related to welding.

Welding Fumes Smoke Extraction for safety

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