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The official AWS (American Welding Society) program for the Certification of Welding Educators was developed to define the minimum requirements for training welders as well as to provide the Certified Educator with recognition for the training skills, experience and knowledge transmitted to the welders he prepares to work with in applications of different levels of responsibility


CWE welding educatorAn AWS Certified Welding Educator (CWE) meets the following requirements

  • Understand the responsibility requirements of welding
  • Prepares training plans to achieve the objectives set with the students
  • Develops the training classes of the welders paying attention to the practice of welding and auxiliary processes in a safe way
  • Evaluates the degree of skill and improvement that the student develops during the classes and at the end of the training program.
  • Can build on previously available material while developing his own tools for student instruction
  • Familiar with the different welding processes, procedures and their qualification, the tests to homologate welders, the various materials to be welded and the limitations of the essential variables to be taken into account in testing and production
  • Must interpret drawings of components to be welded and the location and type of welds to be done
  • Must prepare and maintain the reports that are generated to keep an accurate control of the training given, rules, laws, …

Requirements to access the certification exam

The Welding Educator Certification Exam

  • Is the same as the one performed by a Certified Inspector (CWI), except that it does not require taking Part C of the examination
  • Will take Parts A – Fundamentals of Welding and Inspection and B – Practice of Welding Inspection Technology
  • A CWI candidate can combine the “COMBO” option on the registration form with which, if the CWI exam is completed successfully, both qualifications will be obtained at the same time: CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) + CWE (Certified Welding Educator)
  • The minimum grade required to obtain the qualification as CWE is 60% in each of the parts of the exam (A and B)
  • Whether you are previously a CWI, SCWI, or CAWI or take the exam to become certified, the following requirements must be met to become certified as a CWI:
    • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or FP-2 or a degree in technical engineering or higher
    • Must demonstrate with company letters that you have a minimum of 5 years (or 3 years for engineers) experience in welding related work in manufacturing, repairing, inspection or training
    • Must demonstrate knowledge of all the functions indicated in the previous section and ability to transmit them to other people
    • Must have at least one homologation as a welder

Test Preparation Program

The training program is the same as the one developed for the Welding Inspector, excluding Part C of the program.

Consult the subjects that are developed in the program in these links:

PART A – Welding and Inspection Fundamentals

PART B – Welding Inspection Technology

Dates for training and examination are the same as for CWI Welding Inspectors

Documents for Registration

The candidate for the certificate must send by email to

all these documents taking special care that they are complete and in compliance with the requirements that have been indicated. Zip files are not supported and please send images and documents that occupy an optimized memory

  1. Registration form:

2. Certificate of Credentials – Professional Experience

3. Copies of the applicant’s certificates of education, courses and qualifications which relate to the above requirements

4. Copies of letters reflecting the minimum work experience required

5. Passport-type photo optimized according to this link or similar

6. Certificate of visual acuity less than 7 months old at the date of the examination

7. Copy of at least one welder homologation of the candidate

Welding Educator Training and Certification Program Price

Programa de Formación

Examen de Certificación única como CWE

Suplemento si añade al examen CWI la opción "Combo" + CWE

Bibliografía opcional - todo el paquete ofrecido a Inspectores (ver desglose)


Formación y Certificación

CWE - Welding Educator by the AWS

(*) When sending your request do not forget to include:

  1. Screenshot with the services you have activated in the automatic price calculation.
  2. Your full name, address and telephone number
  3. The date of the call in which you wish to participate
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