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Solysol was created in 2008 by Ángela Lázaro Martín as a distributor of welding products. Fifteen years later we are one of the reference companies in our field of work, which covers the world of welding from the training of professionals, advice on projects at international level, to the supply of equipment and consumables.

Our headquarters are located in Santa Olalla, Toledo, 70 Km west of Madrid.

Experts in the Welding Field

– Ceo: Ángela Lázaro Martín: International Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer Inspector, 20 years employed by The Lincoln Electric Co, as Technical Director (1988 – 2008) and General Manager (2004-2008) for the Iberian market.

– 3 welding engineers in the technical and commercial areas.

– 1 high level welder (tube) expert in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, GTAW, Laser,…, in the functions of welder educator and product demonstrator.

– 1 electronic technical engineer for equipment after-sales services.

– 2 commercial technicians with extensive experience in the welding field.

– 2 logistics technicians: warehouse and delivery.

– 1 financial director.

– 1 customer service manager.

– 1 communication manager (IT – webs, social networks)

equipo solysol 15 aniversario

Your expert welding partner

How can we help you?

SOLYSOL provides a package of consulting services which is based on the following axes:

– Technical support for the study and project quotation
– Advice to technical departments:
– Requirements evaluation
– Joint design evaluation
– Optimization of welding processes
– Generation and review of procedures and homologations.
– Regulatory compliance and certifications
– Specific training to achieve the objectives to be achieved
– Advice and support in welding and painting inspectionwith the possibility of traveling anywhere in the world.


Leading brands in the welding sector:

  • ESAB, founded in 1904: 120 years of innovation and the best welding and cutting products
  • AWS, founded in 1919. World leader in code publishing and certification of welding professionals and fabricators.
  • Trust in a prestigious brand
  • The widest range on the market
  • Worldwide presence for after-sales service from anywhere in the world
  • Stability and reliability of supply
  • Improved competitiveness through superior performance: products of excellent quality, durability, providing increased PRODUCTIVITY, leading to improved COSTS.

These principles apply to all brands represented by Solysol.

How do we do it?

– Let us get to know your company and the projects you are working on and those you are presenting to your clients.

– Let us participate in the different phases of the project

– Listen to our suggestions for improvement and let us collaborate in their implementation, after testing the results.


Consider us part of your project…

… we will take it as OURS

What is the scope of support?

– The scope is defined by you:

– A project

– Part of a project

– The work being developed

– In the area(s) in which you believe our work can have the greatest impact

– We can also help you, after a previous study, to define this area.

– We adapt to your company, you set the pace

– We can guide you to make our collaboration as effective as possible.


Companies and projects in which, to a greater or lesser extent, we have provided our services SINCE 1990.


Your projects can benefit from our expertise

ACCIONA: Continuous advisory services from 1997 to 2016:

  • Productivity and cost calculations, comparisons with different welding processes, introduction of new processes to improve
  • Qualification of procedures and welders
  • On-site commissioning of equipment and processes with local training and qualification of welders
  • Engineering consultancy: drawings, joint design, etc.
  • Production and quality control
  • Special mention to the projects Palacio de las Artes (Valencia), Tunneling Bridge M-30, LNG Tank in Huelva (UTE ENTREPOSE), Natural Gas Pipeline Almería, in which our participation was key in their execution. Immediate on-site assistance for troubleshooting and communication with end customer
ciudad de las ciencias Valencia

Most recent: International consultancy 2022-2023 (Norway-Poland)

  • Productivity and cost calculations, comparisons with different welding processes, introduction of new processes to improve
  • Qualification of procedures prior to production
  • Delivery and commissioning of equipment and processes on site with local training and qualification of welders
  • Engineering consultancy: drawings, joint design, etc.
  • Production and quality control
  • Immediate on-site assistance for troubleshooting

Engineering and Manufacturing. Continuous advice on welding projects:

  • Costing by process
  • Factory and site assistance
  • Consulting, commissioning and optimization of automated welding equipment and systems
  • Welder training and qualification
  • Troubleshooting and repair reduction
  • Quality control


Procedures and Personnel (Engineers, Welders and Inspectors)

European, North American and Other Standards

Ángela Lázaro Martín

Administrator and Dir. General



International Welding Engineer (IWE) – Es-106

Certified Welding Inspector (ICS) – Level 3 – N. 1313

Official Educator Int. Welding Engineer (IWE)


Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) – 15080018

Certified Welding Educator (CWE) – 0909008E

Certified Welder (CW) – 1803256W

Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI) – 227005N

Endorsements: AWS D1.1 / ASME / AWS D17.1

Certified Welding Sales Representative (CWSR) – 1712001R

International AWS Agent

Acredited Testing Facility (ATF) Manager


Visual Inspector ACCP – 214216

Bureau Veritas:

Internal Quality Auditor – 10337

Ángela Lázaro created Solysol in 2008, based on her knowledge and passion for the welding field.

Since 1988 he has been expanding his national and international experience working for Lincoln Electric as Technical Director, Commercial Director and General Manager for Spain & Portugal.

In addition to her degrees and technical certifications, she is a qualified welder in various processes (Electrode, MIG, FCAW, TIG, SAW, Laser Welding) and materials.

Angela is a recognized authority on Welding Applications and advises companies and entities for compliance and problem solving.

In other fields, she has obtained degrees in Marketing, Finance and General Management.


International Welding Engineer.IWE-ES-952.
Ingeniero Mecánico Industrial (BEng, Especialidad Construcciones Industriales). 
Level II Visual Test of welds. AEND. Certificate No. E-A-005945-VT-2-S-2.
Level II Penetrant Test of welds. Bureau Veritas. Certificate No. IND-23-02316-C.
API 653 Storage Tanks Inspector (American Petroleum Institute). Certificate No. 42169.
FROSIO Level III Inspector. Certificate No. 9797.

International Welding Engineer.IWE-ES-952.
Ingeniero Mecánico Industrial (BEng, Especialidad Construcciones Industriales). 
Level II Visual Test of welds. AEND. Certificate No. E-A-005945-VT-2-S-2.
Level II Penetrant Test of welds. Bureau Veritas. Certificate No. IND-23-02316-C.
API 653 Storage Tanks Inspector (American Petroleum Institute). Certificate No. 42169.
FROSIO Level III Inspector. Certificate No. 9797.

Iván Recio was initially educated as Mechanical Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, receiving his degree in Industrial Constructions. Iván expanded his studies and became International Welding Engineer in 2011.

For the last 12 years, Ivan has been active in several fields of welding in such industries as Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Railway or Metallic Structure. He has been involved as Welding Engineer, Welding Inspector, NDE Inspector (VT, PT, MT, UT, MFL), Quality Control Engineer and Welding Supervisor, being responsible for welding dossiers, material purchase specifications, heat treatment procedures, NDE procedures or painting procedures, among others.

Ivan is familiarized with a large amount of welding codes and standards such as ASME, EN ISO, AWS, API… having the capability to take the technical responsibility for projects under these rules.

He has worked for projects developed all around the world (Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Kuwait, Bulgaria…) as well as assisted dozens of manufacturers (Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Kuwait, UAE…).

At present, Ivan holds certifications for NDE, surface treatments and tank inspections.

Iván Recio Sánchez

Technical Director


Welding Engineer


International Welding Engineer (IWE-EWE: ES/WE/1772)


Visual Testing: IND-23-02551-C

Penetrant Testing: IND-23-02552-C

Mario Acedo graduated as a Materials Engineer from the Complutense University of Madrid, with the aim of helping companies find innovation by using new materials or refocusing existing ones.

During the execution of the degree, Mario discovered how interesting and complex metallic materials and metallurgy are, as well as the difficulty associated with their joining processes by welding. Therefore, he decided to specialize as an International Welding Engineer (IWE), obtaining his official qualification in December 2021.

Since then Mario has not stopped expanding his knowledge and experience in the field of welding thanks to his work as a Welding Engineer, such as: qualification of procedures and welders, revision of welding documentation, technical and commercial advice in welding, which allows him to grow as a professional day by day.

Mario continues to train in the field of welding, proof of which is his recent certification as a Level II Visual Inspector and Level 2 Dye Penetrant Inspector, according to European standard UNE EN ISO 9712.

Fernando Sánchez Deza began his career as a welder in 1990, specializing in cellulosic and basic electrode in refinery, gas plants, gas and oil pipelines, and working on national and international projects in which his passion for learning led him to execute welds with minimal repairs, very high quality, and to perform difficult repairs and joints, interpreting NDT diagnostics in each situation.


In 2014 Fernando started working at Solysol as a Welding Instructor. From the beginning, he was actively involved in the introduction of innovative welding processes, especially in semi-automated, automated and robotized processes.


He is an American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welder in various processes, materials and in all welding positions, and is a certified Welding Inspector.


Fernando Sánchez Deza

Welding Instructor

Fernando is a reputed instructor in Electrode, MIG/MAG, TIG, Submerged Arc, Flame, and Laser Welding processes. Their knowledge of the equipment and recommendations are very useful to the equipment manufacturers for their development and improvement in the different applications.

At Solysol Fernando works in the development and qualification of Welding Procedures for clients in the energy sector (electricity, gas, oil, wind), aeronautics and aerospace, metallic structure, marine, manufacturing, design, and others. And in the training and qualification of welders in these industries so that they are able, like him, to perform their welds at the highest level of quality.

Having Fernando has allowed Solysol to carry out, on a turnkey basis, some welding projects of special relevance, due to their difficulty, risk and high quality requirements, such as the first repairs of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, or the extension of the gas supply to the Repsol refinery in Cartagena. Key companies in the above mentioned sectors turn to Solysol for advice or even for the realization of their welding projects.


The key to instructing and carrying out any project is the study of materials, testing the right equipment according to the right process, and executing the work with great precision, self-criticism and a constant desire for perfection. All this is innate in Fernando, who also knows how to transmit it phenomenally to those who come to learn from him.


Technical Commercial Advisor

soldadora antonio torres

Continuous welding training in SMAW (111), GMAW (135-138), FCAW (136-114), SAW (121), GTAW (141) and Flame, both theoretical and practical, by Angela Lazaro and world welding leaders (Esab, AWS, Lincoln Electric, Promotech, Thomas Welding, Bulane, Soudax, Stelin, SFE).



Experience of 14 years advising, training and collaborating with suppliers and customers in welding projects, for the selection of the right processes, equipment and consumables according to the requirements and for the optimization of costs, productivity and quality.

Advisor and trainer in commercial and negotiation techniques for the sale and acquisition of the best products that represent maximum profitability and quality in their industrial application.

Tomas de Jesus Aguilar is a recognized electronic technician with knowledge as a welder in several processes.

His extensive experience with in-depth knowledge of the configuration, functionality and use of equipment in various fields is essential in the evaluation and selection of welding and cutting equipment and automated and robotic systems that Solysol introduces to the market.


Tomas provides a much appreciated service to equipment users in troubleshooting and repairing breakdowns efficiently and effectively. And its participation is key in any project in which Solysol bets to introduce an innovation that can have an impact on improving the production processes of its customers.


The manufacturers of equipment and systems take into high consideration the recommendations for improvement in their equipment, since these improvements have an impact on the benefit of all parties, mainly for the customer and end user of the equipment.

Tomás leads the start-up of the welding installations that Solysol carries out for clients in all metal sectors. And, after that, it trains and advises on an ongoing basis the maintenance and welding personnel of the company that purchases the recommended solution.

Teamwork and doing a job that is of the utmost usefulness are natural qualities in Tomás, and his clearly explained advice is essential for a company that wants to provide its service at the highest level.

Tomás de jesús aguilar

After Sales Technician


Training and certification of professionals

Certified Welding Inspector – CWI

Certified Welder – CW

Certified Welding Educator – CWE

Certified Welding Engineer – CWENG

Technical welding commercial advisor – CWSR

Official welding code examinations

Development and



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